D.A.M.A release new video for ‘Sozinhos à chuva’ feat. Mike11 and T-Rex

The theme is part of the new album ‘Sozinhos à chuva’, now available in physical format (CD and Vinyl) and digital. The group’s fourth original record is available in physical and digital formats and includes entries with: Bárbara Bandeira, Carolina Deslandes, Ivo Lucas, Lutz, Mike 11, Nelson Freitas, and T-Rex.

«(…) We were away for a year and a half but always making songs. And on a trip to Brazil, in February 2019, we met again and felt again what made us form a band when we were teenagers and what made us want to create songs bigger than us. Our purpose.

We decided then that our fourth original work could not be just a set of songs. We felt the need to impose ourselves another challenge and to create a musical work to be heard without interruption, from the first to the last track; a sound and emotional journey that fills our souls and gives meaning to what we do.

We planned to return in force in 2020, to release one song a month, starting in January, and in April to unveil the entire trip, the complete album. We launched ‘Tento’, ‘Um Bocado’, ‘Ela’ and ‘Oh No’.

However, 2020 proved to be full of ‘surprises’ and it came to show us that we don’t control everything around us, and that what we take for granted can be taken away overnight.”
– D.A.M.A

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