D. Maria debuts ‘Bad, bad, bad wolf!’ for children to deal with fear

The fear and legitimacy of being afraid to dominate the children’s play “Bad, Bad, Bad Wolf!” On stage at the D. Maria II National Theater in Lisbon from Saturday every Saturday until March 23.

[dropcap type=”background”]T[/dropcap]he play talks about “the fear and the legitimacy of being afraid,” told the stage director Catarina Requeijo, who puts on the scene a collage of texts written by Inês Fonseca Santos and Maria João Cruz, from children’s stories and tales.

The action focuses on a girl who is not afraid of anything and who is looking to be afraid of something, until she meets a wolf that should frighten her, but can not do it, added the director.

Asked about the influence of ‘The Red Capuchin’, Catarina Requeijo admits that the play is inspired by a figure of a bad wolf and other stories for children who talk about fear since this was the starting point for the work.

And it is from this collage of various stories that the dramaturgy of the spectacle arises,” he observed.

The choice of fear as a theme was evident to Catherine Requeijo. The director argued that this “is structuring in the personal growth of children, as well as in all human beings and even animals.”

Fear “is what makes us not throw ourselves out of a window,” he told. “It’s what protects us from a number of things. So we found it interesting to talk about fear in this stage of childhood from three to six years of age,” he argued.

Speaking of fear so that you can overcome it, assimilate it, integrate it. “It all depends on how you approach the issue,” he said. Addressing fear, “so that children realize that it is a normal thing,” he added, claiming that very little is said about fear.

‘Bad, Bad, Bad Wolf!’, The play – with Gonçalo Egito and Sandra Pereira – is aimed at families with children from three to six years old, will be on stage in the Noble Hall, and is the fourth project work ‘Mouth Open’, started in 2015, at the D. Maria II National Theater.

This is the first of two shows produced by D. Maria II, this year, within the framework of the project designed for children. On May 11 will premiere the second, ‘Estranhas Falas’, which will remain on the scene until June 1.

The ‘Boca Aberta’ seeks to introduce children to theatre and dramatic expressions, with shows developed from texts that are part of the National Reading Plan, classics of Portuguese literature and works by Portuguese and foreign authors.

For the fourth consecutive year, this project of D. Maria II takes two spectacles to kindergartens of the city of Lisbon, and attracts children to the house of the theatre, in Rossio, with presentations in the Noble Hall, destined to schools and to families.

In this year’s edition, ‘Boca Aberta’ has been extended to all kindergartens in the city, and is now present in more than seventy classrooms.

In addition to the shows, the ‘Boca Aberta’ also offers training for kindergarten teachers and teachers of basic education, in workshops held annually, which have already passed more than one hundred education professionals, according to the figures of the National D. Maria.

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