Da Cruz – Debut single ‘Tudo bem’ already available

‘Tudo Bem’ already available on radios and digital platforms.

Da Cruz is the musical alter ego of Reuben Miguel da Cruz Fernandes, from Lisbon and the son of a Portuguese mother and an Angolan father who showed an interest in dance and music from an early age.

Entrepreneur, model, DJ, PR and event producer are just a few of the occupations you have/have ever had. But … Now what matters is his role as producer of the single ‘Tudo Bem’, already available in radios, social networks, and digital platforms.

Da Cruz has every reason to feel proud of the final result of the debut single: Virgul, C4 Pedro and Paul G collaborate in the voices (singing in Portuguese, English, and French) as well as the video clip counts with the realization of Joana Linda.

The video clip takes us to know places in Portugal unknown to most of us, in an environment that combines the sacred and the profane with images of extreme beauty.

The single reflects the musical eclecticism that exists in Da Cruz and is increasingly heard on the radios and dance floors around the world: the union of dance music with elements of world-music in themes sung not only in a more multilingual language so that we all feel part of the same planet without any kind of differentiation of naturalness, race or creed.


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