Dacia’s new electric car could cost around 10,000 euros

The Dacia Spring Electric will be Dacia's first electric car.

This Romanian brand, which is part of the Renault group, wants to put its brand in this new car segment as early as next year. According to what is already known of this car, it will be a simple, robust and emission-free vehicle.

One of Dacia’s strengths is putting cheap cars on the market and it can be its biggest asset in trams.

The car company presents itself on the market with an offer without complexes. It does not aspire to offer the best finishes or the latest technology. In fact, this company has a different philosophy: to offer an economical and robust car to fulfill the function of traveling.

The Dacia Spring could be an electric car accessible from all budgets.

Although Dacia has not announced the price at which it will be sold, it has left clues that it will be the cheapest electric car in Europe. The rumors point to an approximate price – without subsidies – of 15,000 euros for this first electric Dacia.

The information indicates that this electric car will be part of its range of electric cars in 2021.

This may be a bet for individuals, but, above all, for companies that seek various tax benefits. So, taking into account this pandemic and the damage done to the markets, who knows if these cars will now transform the roads.

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