“Dancemos um Slow” is the new single by António Zambujo

António Zambujo’s new single, “Dancemos um Slow”, is now available on digital platforms. This is the first single that anticipates ‘Cidade’, the tenth studio album by the artist from Alentejo.

Miguel Araújo is the author of this theme, as well as all others of ‘Cidade’.

“Pandemic, war, inflation, bad news, a future that looks like a stone wall. I don’t dance, I’ve never danced, I carry in me the trauma of never having danced a Slow at the age when my friends shared Phil Collins songs at parties. I was in the kitchen drinking beer from the bottle with a few others of my kind, talking nonsense and sticking the beer bottle label on my forehead, far from imagining that the world ends tomorrow without having the courtesy to give me three minutes. and a half to dance at least one last Slow.”

Miguel Araújo

Dancemos um Slow can now be heard on digital platforms and the video, directed by Bruno Ferreira, is available on Youtube.

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