Daniela Mercury back on a Portuguese stage

Casino Estoril

Daniela Mercury presented ‘Perfume’ at Casino Estoril, her latest work, but of course, her many successes were not forgotten, in a room full of fans.

The concert that is part of the Tour Perfume and which presents her latest album, released in early 2020, and which marks the 35th anniversary of the singer’s career from São Salvador, who has conquered not only Brazil but Portugal, themes such as ‘ Divine Pagode‘, the samba-reggae ‘Black Panther goddess’, ‘Forbidden Carnival’, ‘Queen of confusion’, and ‘Meu Pai Oxalá‘, were some of the themes of the album ‘Perfume‘ that he sang to the audience present at the casino.

Daniela Mercury > Casino Estoril ©Neusa Machado – ineews < 2022.07.07

It was to a sold-out Black and Silver Room that the Brazilian singer took us, on a journey full of color, energy, joy, and lots of dancing, where the singer also remembered the songs that made her famous, ‘Pagode Divino’, ‘Nobre Vagabundo’, ‘Milla’ among many others, which infected the entire audience, who danced and sang with her.

Daniela Mercury > Casino Estoril ©Neusa Machado – ineews < 2022.07.07

The ‘Queen of Axê‘ shone and delighted fans at Casino Estoril and on the 23rd of November she will be back in Portugal, but now at the Coliseu in Lisbon.

Daniela Mercury > Casino Estoril ©Neusa Machado – ineews < 2022.07.07

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