Danone presents new Twix Mix

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Have you ever thought it possible to add to the delicious taste of Danone yogurt the classic TWIX biscuit, caramel and chocolate combination? TWIX MIX is the big news that joins Danone back to Mars and arrives on national shelves with a unique taste experience for the whole family!

To the triple delicious recipe of TWIX is added the creamy yogurt from Danone, this time with caramel, gathering the necessary ingredients for an explosion of flavor in a single yogurt. The new Danone TWIX MIX is available in a fun and bicompartmented format, which allows you to mix small pieces of TWIX with the best of yogurt, to the rhythm and taste of each one!

“TWIX MIX now joins the flavor of M & Ms and is part of a series of launches in which we have been betting together with MARS whose objective is to reinforce the taste experience of Portuguese families at the table. We believe that these partnerships not only add value to the Danone product, but also reinforce its capacity to create memories with the consumer”, says Carlota Manso, Senior Brand Manager of the brand.

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