David Bruno celebrated 8 and a half years of career with a concert at Tivoli BBVA

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December is a month of celebration for David Bruno and, on the 11th of December, the artist invited us to enter his imaginary Portuguese-kitsch universe that crosses reality and fiction, action films and summer dances, the casinos and taverns where you eat daily at the counter: the Portugal B romanticized in the fashion of David Bruno.

To celebrate his eight and a half years of career, David Bruno gave a concert at the Tivoli BBVA, in Lisbon, accompanied by Marco Duarte on the guitar and Antonio, full of unmissable themes such as “Bebe e Dorme”, “Festa da Espuma”, “Mesa para dois no Carpa”, “Interveniente Acidental”, “Aparthotel Céu Azul”, “Com Contribuinte”, “Café Central”, “Praliné”,, and, a song that he only sings live, “Lamborghini na Roulotte”.

David Bruno, also known as dB, is a multifaceted artist from Vila Nova de Gaia with several identities. Using sampling (audio and video) as a basis to build works that have the suburbanism of the great city of Porto as a muse, the artist reached the ears and hearts of the general public.

“Raiashopping” is David Bruno‘s latest album, after “Miramar Confidencial”, released in September 2019, and more and more, David shows us to be an artist without limits of creativity and where the visual component becomes a record brand of his solo project.

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