David Carreira is the new ambassador Riberalves

It is a case of National Passion, which is also manifested in more than 20 countries around the world. With Riberalves, the Portuguese reference brand of Bacalhau, the “Fiel Amigo” reinvented itself through the most diverse products of Portuguese Healing, it reached new markets and new generations.

This National Passion is anchored in history, but Cod, with all its gastronomic value and even convenience, imposes itself as a present and a future. The National Passion continues and now has a new face. David Carreira is the new ambassador of Riberalves Codfish!

Icon of the younger generations, singer and actor, David Carreira is the symbol of a Portuguese success based on the values ​​of family, work, the spirit of sacrifice and creativity. And he is also passionate about cooking and, in particular, for cod. Thus the partnership with Bacalhau Riberalves was born, which now makes itself known and starts, precisely, with a digital campaign that unveils a first recipe of Cod made by David Carreira himself. The focus is on the quality, flavor and practicality of Riberalves Ready-to-Cook Cod. The campaign is now online and starts a content plan that will bring many surprises, always around what is the greatest symbol of Portuguese gastronomy. The Cod.

“It is a pride to be an ambassador for a historic brand such as Riberalves. I was fascinated when I met the company and the founding family. We share the same values, family, tradition, as well as an enormous desire to ensure quality in everything we do. We also share a huge passion for this product so Portuguese that it is Cod. It couldn’t be a better partnership, ”says David Carreira. “We are pioneers in Ready-to-Cook Cod and our focus continues to innovate and develop new Portuguese Healing products, with maximum quality and flavor, that can meet the demand and the new needs of Portuguese families. We also have an obligation to renew the cod tradition with the youngest and we are proud to be able to count on David Carreira’s creativity and irreverence ”, says Ricardo Alves, director of Riberalves.

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