Dead Combo, The Parkinsons and Go! Zilla at the Party Sleep Repeat Festival

The seventh edition of the Party Sleep Repeat festival will bring ten concerts by Portuguese bands such as Dead Combo and The Parkinsons to São João da Madeira on April 27, and the Italians Go! Zilla, the organization revealed today.

The event will take place at Oliva Creative Factory and, with tickets priced between 10 and 15 euros, depending on the date of purchase, includes free use of the bus trip between Porto and São João da Madeira, at two different times and always with reservation Preview.

Part of the festival’s revenue is again dedicated to two social causes: the Portuguese League Against Cancer and the ‘Sponsor This Idea’ project, with which the Ecos Urbanos association supports economically vulnerable local families.

As for the bands on stage, the organization says that the 2019 edition is made with “structuring names of the national music and the best emerging artists between Portugal and Italy” – all distributed by three stages, starting at 16:00.

The headliners are Dead Combo and will bet on themes from their latest album, ‘Odéon Hotel’, which featured guest musicians such as the American Mark Lenegan, who gave a voice to a written poem by Fernando Pessoa.

The Parkinsons, meanwhile, have been dividing their career between Portugal and the United Kingdom, and are singled out as “one of the best punk-rock bands to emerge on the British musical circuit at the beginning of this century“, performing at Oliva on the day is celebrating a year on the edition of the disc ‘The Shape of Nothing to Come’.

The Italians Go! Zilla includes São João da Madeira on the tour which includes “450 concerts in Europe and the United States” for the presentation of the album “Modern Jungle’s Prisoners“, which involves several genres in psychedelic rock.

The Party Sleep Repeat will also feature the Glockenwise, who, after three original English albums, opted for “Plastic” to explore lyrics in Portuguese and reinforced the band with more musicians, thus consolidating a “bold and contagious” sound.

The Corona Ensemble will present the themes of the ‘Santa Rita Lifestyle’ work, the Jiboia will explore the concept of universal music with the rock and jazz of the album ‘OOOO’, and the collective ‘O Galo Cant’Às Duas’ will present the beat and the harmonies of the album ‘Cape of Good Hope’.

The other three bands to go through Oliva on the 27th are: the Astrodome, who have made known to Europe the “masterful psychedelic” of instrumental rock; the Melquiades, who in “Oyster Eggs” cross “alternative rock, post-rock, math and ethnic and Latin music“; and the Cumbadélica, who bring together “cultures from different regions of the world,” into a set of ethnic music with a “ritual environment.

The “Party Sleep Repeat” is defined by the respective organization as “a festival of tribute to Luís Lima“, a young man from São João da Madeira who, having died a cancer victim in 2012, has been remembered by family and friends as a citizen “deeply interested and proactive in relation to culture and solidarity. ”

His death resulted in the Cultural Association Luís Lima, which in 2013 took over the organization of Party Sleep Repeat and, meanwhile, has accumulated three awards in the ambit of the Iberian Festival Awards: the title of Best Indoor Festival of the Iberian Peninsula in 2016, the Best Portuguese Small-Size Festival in 2017 and Best Small-Size Iberian Festival in 2018.

The festival has been supporting different institutions since its inception in 2013, and once the expense of the event itself has been recovered, it has already sent more than 30,000 euros of its revenue to these social causes.

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