Dead Combo with “special” shows in Lisbon and Guimarães

The Dead Combo marked two “special” shows for February and March 2019, in Lisbon and Guimarães, with the participation of North Americans Mark Lanegan and Alain Johannes, as part of the Odeon Hotel tour.

The Tó Trips and Pedro Gonçalves band performs on February 28 at the Coliseu dos Recreios, in Lisbon, and on March 2 at the Centro Cultural Vila Flor in Guimarães, according to the Sony label, in a statement released today.

These two “special” shows, with the participation of American musicians Mark Lanegan and Alain Johannes, are included in the tour of Odeon Hotel, released in April, when the band began a tour that “will extend until the end of 2019 and has more than fifty shows performed from north to south of the country, including the islands and some incursions by various European countries and America.

Mark Lanegan gives voice to ‘I Know, I Alone’, one of the themes of ‘Odeon Hotel’ and ‘one of the most beautiful poems written in English by Fernando Pessoa’, and Alain Johannes is responsible for the album’s production that the band edited in April.

‘Odeon Hotel’ will be reissued early next year, and Sony said the reissue will include the “audio recording of the band’s performance at the Paredes de Coura festival this year, which was attended by Mark Lanegan.”

In the presentation tour of ‘Odeon Hotel’, the band presents a new lineup, which includes, besides Tó Trips and Pedro Gonçalves, Alexandre Frazão (drums), Gui (woodwinds) and António Quintino (bass guitar).

‘Odeon Hotel’ is a more bandy work, in which the drums are more present and the rock appears in a more pronounced way, Tó Trips, about the edition of the disc. “It may be the most rock ‘n’ roll album in almost 15 years,” he said.

The album’s title came out by chance – they took pictures for the cover of the album at Cinema Odeon – but eventually made sense to the band.

“The hotels are crossing points, people of various social strata and of different races, who stop at a place and are passing through – are a point where different expressions come together”, as the sound of the Dead Combo, Trips.

Dead Combo appeared in 2003, with Pedro Gonçalves and Tó Trips creating instrumental compositions marked by rock, blues and Portuguese music tradition, also drinking influences that extend to morna, bossa nova and flamenco.

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