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Deep Vally passes through Portugal in farewell to the stage

Deap Vally, the North American rock duo, says goodbye to the stage with a visit to Portugal on May 20th, to perform at LAV – Lisboa ao Vivo.

Tickets will be available on Monday, February 5th, at and the usual locations.

Formed in 2011, the duo Deap Vally are reclaiming their legacy again, when they are concluding a journey that began just over a decade ago. Formed by Julie Edwards (drums and vocals) and Lindsey Troy (guitar and vocals), they released their first single, “Gonna Make My Own Money”, in 2012, through the small independent UK label, Ark Recordings. From that auspicious release, Deap Vally gave rise to three albums of powerful, distinctive and maximally minimalist rock – Sistronix (2013), Femejism (2016), produced by Nick Zinner, and Marriage (2021). In addition, there were numerous innovative collaborations between the group with artists such as Peaches, KT Tunstall, Jamie Hince and Soko, and even a joint album recorded with The Flaming Lips (Deap Lips, 2020) – all while sharing stages on various tours, shows and festivals with Blondie, Garbage, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queens of the Stone Age, among others.

However, during this vibrant and turbulent era and as the music industry threw new disruptions unfriendly to artists, everyday life brought challenges ranging from pandemics to pregnancies, leaving the band struggling to fit into a cycle and recording and touring are now obsolete. “This model is not compatible with our current lives,” notes Troy. “We discovered that we simply can’t function as a traditional band anymore,” continues Edwards. “It was time for both of us to explore motherhood and other aspects of our lives and ambitions properly, rather than fitting them into our careers.”

To celebrate their farewell moment, Deap Vally will perform a series of final concerts, as well as release a dynamic, re-recorded version of their debut album, titled Sistrionix 2.0, on Deap Vally Records – allowing their next evolution to take place. without the weight of expectations. The double album will include demos, unreleased covers, new recordings with limited-release B-Sides, rarities and more. “We’re just going to play as many places as possible and say goodbye to everyone,” says Edwards. “Although the band is playing live for the last time, the door is open for us to collaborate. Now we are focused on reestablishing a workflow and connection around our friendship, after everything we’ve shared along the way.”

“I’m very proud of all of our records, and Julie and I have an extraordinary creative relationship,” adds Troy. “It’s hard to imagine having that with someone else. After all this, you never know what could happen! We need to find that balance where we can focus on the fun things but have the freedom to make the music we love. We just feel like it would be appropriate to go out with a bang and not a whisper. I felt that marking this occasion should be a cathartic process: healing deep wounds, reconnecting with old friends and collaborators – and falling in love with Deap Vally all over again.”

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