Debut album of Elas project, with Áurea and Marisa Liz, published today

The fulfillment of the desire and desire that the singers Áurea and Marisa Liz (Amor Electro) had to sing together materialized in “9”, album of the project they decided to call them and which is published today.

With distinctive musical styles, Áurea more soul-related and Marisa Liz, through Amor Electro, pop-rock, did not immediately define what concept the project would have or which themes they would sing.

The lineup of “9” includes nine themes, five of which were original – composed by Afonso Cabral, Jorge Cruz, Márcio Silva and Tiago Machado – and four versions: “Heard Tell” (Ornatos Violeta), “Glory box” (Portishead) , “Restlessness” (José Mário Branco) and “Natural Woman” (Aretha Franklin).

The work of getting the two voices and the two styles together, to create a different style through the arrangement of the themes, was done by Tiago Pais Dias (Amor Electro).

The whole process of creating and recording the disc was very natural.

The album’s lead single, “I Like You”, was first presented in September at the Portuguese Golden Globes ceremony, and acceptance has been good.

While concert dates are not revealed, there will be a presentation today at the FNAC store of the Colombo shopping center in Lisbon at 9:30 pm

Although they started the project Elas, obviously the Amor Electro continue, the project of Áurea continues.

Although managing a schedule is complicated and two at the same time more difficult, Áurea is a strong advocate of how much one likes, everything happens, everything can be managed and everything can be done.

Regarding the future of the project, everything remains open.

Amor Electro singer believes that even if the project “They end in a year or later make another record, is one of those experiences that begin and never close.

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