Declare war on plastic. Some advice on how to do it.

The World has awakened to the problem of excessive use of plastic and its harmful consequences on the Planet. Living completely without plastic nowadays may seem impossible, but there are small gestures that are already a brave aid. The Earth (and all the species that inhabit it) is grateful.

‘Living Without Plastic’, written by Will McCallum, Greenpeace’s anti-plastic activist on marine pollution, was presented this Monday in Lisbon and is supported by Quercus.

In a statement, the environmental association notes that the book addresses issues “as relevant as the consumption of single-use plastic and the prevention of marine pollution caused by incorrect routing of this waste.

It aims to “help society make small changes that will make a huge difference to what this problem is all about.”

For this, the Quercus highlights some advice to put into practice and ‘declare war’ on plastic.

  • Wash clothes in own bags to contain plastic microfibers, preventing them from reaching the oceans (these are responsible for 30% of pollution by plastic
  • Replace shampoo with bar shampoo
  • Avoid supermarket packaging
  • Make plastic free birthday parties
  • Convince others to join you in this anti-plastic demand.
  • ‘Living Without Plastic’, says Quercus, contains the necessary information and practical measures on how to reduce the use of plastic in everyday life: at home, on the daily commute, at work and in the community.

In addition, according to environmentalists, the book provides facts about the problem and the campaign tools needed to help convince others, including friends, family, colleagues, business, to join forces to create a world where pollution caused by plastic is a thing of the past.

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