Decode decrypts Technology, Business and Talent

Decode is born to develop a more mobile, open and efficient future for companies and talent. By decoding the needs of the market, the company promotes innovation and business technology linked to digital transformation, with more experienced employees at competitive costs. It responds to professionals looking for challenging technical challenges and decentralized work environments that respect the work-life balance and promote their professional development.

The company opens its activity with an experienced team, trying to approach the market with a disruptive offer and an innovative positioning. In particular, it makes an investment in more experienced human capital, forming teams that will take over the projects from A to Z or that are positioned at the team extension level of the technical areas of the partners, in order to promote elasticity and its continuous evolution. At the same time, it shares with customers the fixed costs (office, licensing, material, etc.), preferably keeping the team in their own space or in a mixed environment. On the technical side, the focus will be on robust, open technology at competitive prices. The proposed axes are three: Factory (Web & Mobile Development, BI & Big Data Analytics and Digital Experiences); Innovation (Artisans Academy and Special-Ops Academy) and Education (Person Vue Center).

Decode’s disruptive character is also found in talent management, particularly its skills and needs. Following the ambition of the new generations and the natural evolution of the labor market, it favors the execution of work in a flexible and decentralized regime. The employee can do it at headquarters, where the hot seat & clean desk model is practiced, at the customer’s space (if desired) or remotely. This promotes work-life balance, stimulates motivation and productivity. The bet on the growth of know-how of the Decoders is made through free technical and soft skills training. Employees also have access to an authorized Person Vue Examination Center, where they can get certified on technologies such as Microsoft, Oracle, AWS, Python, among others. Thinking about the creation of innovative projects, while enhancing the insertion of junior talents in the world of work, as well as technological realignments, are held the Artisans Academy and Special-Ops Academy.

According to João Reis Fernandes, Executive Director of Decode: “We seek to make the best of both worlds and position ourselves as a hybrid between a consultant and a software house. Thus, we follow the current market, based on competitiveness and demand, with an agile and innovative posture. More than a company, we want to be a Brand with which people identify, with a strong identity and culture, well manifested in our manifesto. The technological quality we deliver is essential and our growth is sustained by maintaining team focus and a high degree of demand. ”


Decode is headquartered in the Torres de Lisboa (Tomás da Fonseca Street, Tower G, 7º C) with a large space and the capacity to receive more than 50 employees. It is the latest brand from the international group HIQ Consulting, which has over 5000 employees in 10 European countries developing business innovation and global action companies.


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