Decode ON helps pandemic-affected organizations have a digital impact

Decode has launched a Social Responsibility program with which it is helping small businesses and non-profit associations, particularly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Decode ON initiative has no costs for those involved and is carried out by experienced professionals in Digital Transformation. It was launched in October, the month in which the company marks its first anniversary and has the first aided entity in Cantinho da Tia Chalupa, with visible results.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic was felt severely in the economy, especially in micro-enterprises and institutions that did not have a guaranteed digital presence. Through the Decode ON program, the company identifies needs and equips participants with technological means that guarantee them greater proximity to their audience and a higher level of results.

In addition to Cantinho da Tia Chalupa, the program is already being implemented in a second small business. Decode proposes to help another four in 2021. Applications for the program can be made here.

Cantinho da Tia Chalupa was the first entity benefited by the Decode ON program. An e-commerce platform in a content management system was implemented in this micro-enterprise specialized in the manufacture and sale of snacks and sweets.

The process of digitizing your business involved increased work in terms of SEO and Analytics. After a month of implementing the solution, the digital presence of “Tia Chalupa” had 1008 visits, which resulted in an additional 60% of orders, and its turnover increased by 57%. In this project, Decode provided a multidisciplinary team, composed of project manager, developers frontend and backend, designers and data analysts.

João Reis Fernandes, Executive Director of Decode

For João Reis Fernandes, Executive Director of Decode, “any company has an inherent duty to seek to help the society around it, always with responsibility, to the extent of its possibilities and availability. For us, being able to contribute directly, using our experience and our services, making them available free of charge to someone who would otherwise not be able to have a digital presence, is something that motivates us and gives a sense proud to see our work having a positive impact on people. It is the ideal way to celebrate our first anniversary.

Decode celebrates its first anniversary this last week of October. With more than 35 employees, 15 customers and overcoming “break even”, it had a year of growth in 2020. This was possible due to an offer outlined in its genesis where the services and organizational models of remote work were its base.

The company preserves its three areas of activity – Decode Software Development, Data Strategy and Digital Experiencies – and its mission to help employees and customers achieve the best results in challenging contexts.

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