Deixem o pimba em paz

Campo Pequeno - Lisbon - 1 June

On the big return to the stage, Bruno Nogueira and Manuela Azevedo take “Deixem o pimba em paz” to Campo Pequeno this Monday, 1st of June. The show will also feature special guest appearances by Salvador Sobral and Samuel Úria.

The popular parties were cancelled and this year there are no Saints, but June is not June without “pimba” music. More than two and a half months in isolation deserve a big return so that we can dance, laugh and celebrate. Come on and celebrate together and live with “Deixem o pimba em paz!

Everything is New, Força de Produção, Campo Pequeno and Audiomatrix come together in partnership for this great return to the stage in a night that will be in everyone’s memory.

It is no accident that at a party in Quinta do Lago, at the first chords of a Quim Barreiros song, there will be a stampede of trinkets running to the dance floor and singing the chorus in a happy and loud voice. The same will happen if, in the middle of a barbecue in Massamá, someone risks the same song. The charms will be less, but the cheerful and loud voice that sings the chorus will have the same strength.
There is another thing that narrows the Quinta do Lago – Massamá axis: none of the inhabitants of these social regions knows much more than the chorus. And it’s also a shame, because the best rarely comes in the chorus. Still, there are few subjects that connect people with such different tastes so closely. The Pimba universe has always fascinated me. In its entirety, with its lyrics, music, clothes, choreography, etc.
This show aims to give these songs another life, bringing together musicians who made arrangements for jazz and pop where they were unlikely. Manuela Azevedo (vocalist of the Clans) appears so that together we can give voice to these themes. And we are joined by the songs of Quim Barreiros, Ágata, Marante and Marco Paulo, among others.
“Deixem o pimba em paz” is a concert and a deconstruction show. It’s not too little.
Bruno Nogueira

Original Idea and Direction Bruno Nogueira
Musical Direction Filipe Melo and Nuno Rafael
Production Força de Produção

With Bruno Nogueira, Manuela Azevedo, Filipe Melo, Nuno Rafael and Nelson Cascais
Guests Salvador Sobral and Samuel Úria

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