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Deixem o Pimba em Paz – Às Vezes o Amor, at the Coliseu de Lisboa

Another excellent concert starring Bruno Nogueira, comedian and singer and Manuela Azevedo, lead singer of Clã. “Leave Pimba in Peace” gives voice to themes by Quim Barreiros, Ágata, Marante, Marco Paulo, Diapasão, Graciano Saga, Mónica Sintra, among others.

Bruno Nogueira says he is “fascinated by the “pimba” universe, entirely, with its lyrics, music, choreography, etc. This show proposes to bring these songs to life, bringing together musicians who made jazz and pop arrangements where they were unlikely”.

The Main Hall of the Lisbon Coliseum was filled to hear love songs, the so-called “pimbasongs, which no one recognizes to love but which we all have on the tip of our tongue, starting to sing them at the first chords in many festivals and popular parties in Portugal and even abroad. A night when love, laughter, joy and good mood were strong dishes.

The night opened with the theme “24 Roses” and continued for two hours with Azar na Praia”, “Na minha cama com Ela”, “Vem devagar Emigrante”, “Comunhão de Bens”, “Bela Portuguesa”, “Porque não tem Talo o Nabo”, “Sensual”, “Bebé”, “A Garagem da Vizinha”, “O Melhor dia para Casar, not forgetting “Mãe Querida”, to name just a few of the themes played.

We cannot fail to highlight the “Festival of Humor” that Bruno Nogueira has already accustomed us to, making this musical night a memorable night of laughter.

It was with great joy and enthusiasm that the public received the artists and with strong and long applause, that I am sure showed “Saudade”, a very Portuguese feeling, but also, the joy of returning to a concert after confinement, due to the pandemic.

This project was conceived and created by Bruno Nogueira, a comedian, with musical arrangements by Filipe Melo and with the participation of Manuela Azevedo, Nuno Rafael and Nelson Cascais. It is a show that since 2013 continues to sell out rooms across the country.

Another bet won by Produtores Associados.

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