Dela Marmy presents new theme remixed by Sonic Boom

Dela Marmy presents the new theme “Old Human – Sonic Boom Remix” accompanied by a music video by André Abrantini.

This remix appears as the first collaboration between Dela Marmy and Peter Kember, a British musician from the extinct Spacemen 3 and who has participated, for example, in the production of albums by MGMT, Beach House, Yo La Tengo, and Panda Bear.

For Joana Sequeira Duarte, composer, and author of the Dela Marmy project (Pop Art, Alternative Rock), this joint work is a happy dream that takes shape, having been born from the desire and intuition she felt as she crossed paths with Kember, in 2019.

“Old Human” is one of the themes that make up the EP Captured Fantasy, released in 2020 by KPRecords * KillPerfection and produced by Charlie Francis. This new approach by Peter Kember, with subtle psychedelic mirages, gives “Old Human – Sonic Boom Remix” a very particular sense of time, spatiality and transcendence, creating a vibrant connection between the different elements of the song, which are unfolding in a spiral of events.

The video clip, made, recorded and edited by André Abrantini, also evokes the search for that place of time and perception, through a video-collage inspired by “Jumpers” by the painter and photographer David Hockney.

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