Delta Group Billing Grows 2.5% by September

Nabeiro Delta Cafés group administrator Rui Miguel Nabeiro said today that the group’s turnover grew 2.5% by September and is expected to close the year close to 400 million euros.

The manager spoke at a press conference with journalists at the Delta Innovation Way, held at the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) in Lisbon, where the group presented its news.

Asked about the turnover of the Nabeiro Delta Cafés group this year, the administrator said that it grew “2.5% by the end of September”, adding that it should “approach 400 million euros” in 2018.

Regarding Delta Q, “it is growing 10% in value” in Portugal, he said.

In total, domestic and foreign market, Delta Q’s billing in 2017 was 75 million euros.

Last year, the administrator had advanced the goal of doubling Delta Q’s billing in five years to 150 million euros.

Asked if everything is going to achieve this goal, the manager said: “It is going well, we will reach the goal”.

Currently, Delta Q’s revenue is growing 13% in total terms (international markets and Portugal), with an estimated revenue of 85 million euros in 2018.

The group points out that the company’s growth is based on two pillars: internationalization and innovation, aiming to win the top 10 coffee brands in the world.

During the event today, the group founded by the commander Rui Nabeiro presented the first mobile espresso coffee, denominated Delta Q Walq, in addition to two new products Croffee (coffee cereal bar) and Go Chill, resulting from the MIND – Innovation Model of Delta.

The group also presented Delta Drip Coffee and Delta Q Qids, the latter aimed at children, without caffeine, which will be available in super and hypermarkets from next year.

Croffee will be launched simultaneously in Portugal and Spain and later extended to markets such as France, Luxembourg or Switzerland through distribution chains, said the manager.

Go Chill, a cold drink of coffee with milk, that can be consumed anywhere, will be launched in Portugal and Spain via large distribution, HoReCa channel (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes) and universities, where the target audience of this product.

Asked what the amount invested in these new products, the commander Rui Nabeiro said to be “hundreds of thousands of euros”, without advancing a precise amount.

“We do not have the exact numbers, we have a permanent investment,” said the founder.

On the sidelines of the event, questioned about the presence of Delta’s coffee in the Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba, where they entered about a year ago, the administrator Rui Miguel Nabeiro said that “it has been challenging, a learning process to work in digital to Really”.

Alibaba “has supported us, the digital challenge is more complex,” he said, adding that the goal is “to position itself to be a relevant player.”

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