Demand for depression and anxiety aid increased in June and July

The demand for psychology, counseling and psychotherapy services increased by 312% between June and July, with anxiety, depression and marital disorders that are most affecting the mental health of the Portuguese, reveals a study carried out by Fixando.

With the promotion of well-being and the importance of mental health in recent years, leaving aside the taboo that has branched around the subject, the Portuguese increasingly feel the concern and the need to pay attention to the two diseases of the century: anxiety and depression, which led the causes of searches by psychologists and psychotherapists, and confinement only aggravated the manifestation of these pathologies.

The main symptoms identified by individuals seeking help are anxiety, depression and sadness.
Nervousness, tiredness and difficulty sleeping are the most common reasons reported by respondents who, when seeking help, intend to manage anxiety and stress, improve quality of life and deal with depression.

Marriage counseling has also been much sought after, with the main objective of 71% of couples being to restore trust and improve communication.
The demand for this type of services is mainly located in Lisbon (35%), and in Porto (13%).

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