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Demand in GALILEO’s online training increases during March

GALILEU, a training company of the Rumos – Knowledge Sharing group, presents a 115% increase in training actions in Live Training format and a 288% increase in its training activity in E-Learning, compared to 2019, in the set of courses available on its platform, whether by individuals or companies and with a special focus on the month of March, when the pandemic evolved.

During this period, GALILEU took measures to ensure the safety of all trainees, customers and employees, having at that time transferred 27 in-person training actions, totaling 293 trainees, to the Live Training format, thus allowing continued access to training with the interaction between trainer and trainees now online.

This methodology is being adopted in all Galileo’s training actions that are taking place and in all those that may be designed in the near future.

In particular, in the Microsoft Teams course, which is being made available free of charge at this stage and until the end of April, 3920 enrollments were made in two weeks, with 1872 trainees having completed the course.

In the case of the GALILEU Webcasts cycle, which started on April 6th, entirely dedicated to teleworking, which has a total of 10 free Workshops, corresponding to three sets of main themes: Remote Work, Skills and Well-being, the subscriptions, with a limit of 100 people on each webcast, sold out in just two days.

With the main objective of helping to organize and optimize the work process from home, this cycle of webcasts will also be carried out through the Live Training modality – a remote, synchronous training format that allows taking the dynamic environment of a real-time training room for everyone’s home.

With Work @ Home, GALILEU continues to provide training content, some free of charge, to professionals and organizations. We believe that, in the moment that we live, it is essential to provide professionals with tools and knowledge that allow them to perform their functions taking into account constraints such as social detachment ”, explains Cláudia Vicente, director of Galileu.

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