Deolinda de Jesus presents new album

Saint Martin's day at Casino Estoril

On Saint Martin’s Day, the fado tradition is renewed at Lounge D at Casino Estoril, which hosts a special show starring Deolinda de Jesus.

The fado singer takes the stage to present her new album “Deolinda de Jesus canta Alexandrina Pereira”. Not to be missed, November 11th, from 10 pm. Admission is free.

With an intimate atmosphere, Deolinda de Jesus will be accompanied by Luís Ribeiro on Portuguese guitar, Carlos Fonseca on fado guitar, and Miguel Silva on bass guitar.

After having edited the albums “Estilos” in 1998 and “Travo de Sal” in 2018, the fado singer recently released “Deolinda de Jesus canta Alexandrina Pereira”. This is his third record work which has 10 compositions, all with lyrics by the poet Alexandrina Pereira, including two originals “Cantem Um Fado Comigo” and “Num Sonho Que Passa”, with music by Carlos Heitor da Fonseca.

The new album also includes eight other songs: “Tenho o Mundo à Minha Espera”, “Encara a Vida de Frente”, “A Força Com Que Me Dei”, “Porque Me Visto de Fado”, “E Os Sonhos São Todos Meus”, “Sempre Será a Vida”, “Aos Poetas” and “Trago O Sol No Meu Peito””.

With this album, Deolinda de Jesus pays tribute to Alexandrina Pereira, author of lyrics for fado sung by several fado singers and set to music by António Chainho, Moniz Pereira, Carlos Heitor da Fonseca, Manuel Mendes and Eurico Machado.

“I am very happy with this album. Alexandrina Pereira writes very well and I interpret songs that I’ve always heard and that I had as a goal to sing one day”, reveals the fado singer.

Deolinda de Jesus returns on St. Martin’s Day to Casino Estoril. It should be remembered that, in 2001 and 2003, the fado singer performed in the cycle of “Quartas de Fado” at Casino Estoril, an emblematic event that Carlos Zel sponsored and coordinated in the last years of his career.

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