DepilConcept elected Brand of the Month by the Complaint Portal

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DepilConcept was considered Brand of the Month, by the Complaint Portal, in the category of Beauty and Spa Institutes.

Distinguished among a total of 73 brands with the best Satisfaction Index, GrupoConcept’s company obtained a value of 68.1% in the last month of March.

This parameter objectively reflects the brands’ performance on the Complaint Portal and is calculated taking into account their activity in the last 12 months. The interaction of each one of them with the users who made complaints considers the various possible states: Waiting for a response, In treatment, Resolved, No Resolution.

In addition to this recognition in March, the brand’s performance on the Complaint Portal in the last year stands out: DepilConcept presents a Solution Rate of 66.7% and a Response Rate of 85.7%, extremely positive values ​​and that stand out from the competition.

All of these criteria continue to distinguish the quality of the service provided by DepilConcept. With a presence on the platform since 2015, the permanent hair removal brand has already reached a total of 62.4 thousand people.

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