DepilConcept guarantees new jobs

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Despite the unpredictability that marked the year 2020, DepilConcept managed to overcome adversity and had the best years ever in results and the opening of new clinics.

The year 2020 was not yet over and GrupoConcept was already celebrating the opening of the 100th clinic in Portugal, contrary to all expectations and, at a time when the trend was to close, the Group continued to open more units. At the moment it has a total of 45 BodyConcept clinics and 55 DepilConcept clinics.

DepilConcept remains committed to exceeding goals and breaking new records, so much so that, during this first quarter, 03 new clinics will be opened across the country and another one will open in May.

Between the 18th and 25th of March, the municipalities of Abrantes, Arruda dos Vinhos, Faro will be able to count on a specialized service of permanent hair removal. The opening in Guarda is scheduled for May.

It is estimated that this year will be even better than the previous year, largely because of the expansion of the network of clinics that will continue to happen throughout 2021 and will translate into a considerable increase in new jobs. 70 new employees are expected to be hired by the end of the year.

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