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DepilConcept opens in Azeitão

DepilConcept, GrupoConcept’s permanent hair removal brand, opens this week a new clinic in Azeitão, combining the entrepreneurial aspect of franchisees with the search for permanent hair removal in the region.

The new franchisees Maria and Rui Afonso are responsible for the Azeitão clinic and justify the reason that led to the creation of this business. They moved to Azeitão in order to live in a quiet area, close to a golf course and the beach. After about six months, Maria faced a difficulty that later became the reason for creating this business: “When we arrived here, Maria wanted to have a wax and it was impossible for her to find a solution that suited her needs, hours were limited and supply was scarce. As we were looking for a business, we came up with the idea of ​​setting up a hair removal clinic and, after a thorough exploration of the market, it was obvious to us that DepilConcept, with its demonstrated quality and degree of customer satisfaction, is the solution for all women and men who want to achieve permanent hair removal and have other phototherapies available such as skin rejuvenation, acne, etc.”, explain the entrepreneurs.

The opening of the new clinic allowed for an increase in new jobs in the region and an improvement in the quality of life. “With this investment, at this time, we have already hired two beauticians living in the villages of Arrábida full-time, one of which was unemployed since the beginning of the pandemic and the other worked far from home and had long been looking for work in a closer area. home, and can now improve support for your family.” affirm Maria and Rui Afonso.

In addition to the contracts already made for the new clinic, not only GrupoConcept but also the respective franchisees believe that this opening will continue to contribute to a considerable increase in new jobs, favoring the development of the region. “We are very excited about this opportunity, convinced that we will be successful with the support of GrupoConcept and we hope to soon bring even more jobs to the region with the offer of this excellent service”, they add.

Similar to the positive scenario for the district of Setúbal, DepilConcept will count on a remarkable expansion of the network of clinics from the north to the south of the country, which will translate into an increase in labor supply, with 70 new employees expected to be hired by the end. of the year.

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