“Depois da Tempestade” is the new Pedro e os Lobos album out now

Tomorrow, the 8th of February there will be a presentation show at the Carlos Paredes Auditorium

After the storm, it is time for union, reconstruction, solidarity, it is time to become more human and to believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

This is the message, this is the direction of this record.

Musically inspired by the great American classics, ranging from Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, R.E.M. or Neil Young, this is a record filled with soundscapes that make us travel across wide spaces, that tell us inspiring stories of normal people, from day to day, almost always forgotten.
In this disc the heroes are the people who rise with the sunrise and face a life of hard work in exchange for a miserable salary and who still dream of a better life for themselves and for everyone.
The victories and defeats, the simple moments that become special, the friends, the loves and the mismatches, but above all the right to continue to dream that this can be a better place.

“If God doesn’t want it, not everything is lost, if God doesn’t want it, someone will want it, crumbs of light, but make it rain”.
“After the storm” is a 100% organic record, with musical sharing, created in the garage and played live in the studio.

Unlike previous works, which take on more intimate contexts, with lyrics that are sometimes autobiographical, this is a change disc with Universal intent to be lived and listened to live or with the volume of the radio very high.

Recorded and produced by João Martins and Pedro Galhoz at Ponto Zurca studios in Almada.

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