Deputies from Portuguese-speaking countries meet today in Cape Verde

The 8th Parliamentary Assembly of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (AP-CPLP) begins today in the city of Praia, capital of Cape Verde, with mobility on the agenda and a statement on the fight against violence against women and girls.

The 8th AP-CPLP will be attended by the delegations of Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome and Principe, to be held today and Friday at the premises of the Cape Verdean National Assembly. of Timor-Leste, due to internal political reasons.

Cape Verde National Assembly President Jorge Santos, who is preparing to take the lead of the AP-CPLP, succeeding Brazilian Rodrigo Maia, revealed that more than 120 parliamentarians have been confirmed at this meeting, which will take place in the city of Beach.

For Jorge Santos, this will be an “important” and “turnaround” Parliamentary Assembly, because “what we want is a relaunch” of the AP-CPLP.

It is a moment to present a plan of action that aims at two major objectives: mobility, we want to re-launch the whole problem and debate in terms of the Portuguese-speaking citizen, and strengthening cooperation and relationship between the different national parliaments, with a view to convergence legislative, ” he said.

The meeting will start with a cultural moment in charge of the singer Cremilda Medina who will interpret two mornas in support of the candidacy of this musical genre to Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

To the President of the National Assembly of Cape Verde, Jorge Santos; the outgoing president of AP-CPLP, Rodrigo Maia; the Executive Secretary of the CPLP, Francisco Ribeiro Telles, and the President of the Cape Verde Republic, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, will be the first to intervene.

Following is the testimony of the president of the AP-CPLP and the plenary session.

At the same time, the meetings of the three standing committees – Policy, Strategy, Legislation, Citizenship and Circulation – take place; of Economy, Environment and Cooperation; and of Language, Education, Science and Culture, for the election of the respective tables (president, vice president and secretary) and analysis of deliberations.

On Friday, work will be resumed with a plenary session and consideration of approval of deliberations, including the composition of standing committees and a statement to combat all forms of violence against women and girls.

This day will also be chosen the country that will host the next meeting of the AP-CPLP and appreciated and approved the plan of activities for the 2019-2020 mandate.

The final declaration of the VIII AP-CPLP will be presented at the closing session.

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