Desconcerto at the Lisbon Coliseum from 26th to 30th January 2022

The Desconcerto of António Zambujo, César Mourão, Luísa Sobral and Miguel Araújo, one of the biggest box office phenomena of recent years in Portugal, returns to Coliseu dos Recreios, in Lisbon, in its original format of 5 sessions, from 26th to 30th January 2022, after 8 sold out and unforgettable nights at Coliseu do Porto, in 2020.

It should be remembered that the original show premiered in 2018 and soon sold out for 5 nights, between Lisbon and Porto, at Teatros Tivoli BBVA and Sá da Bandeira. Two years later, the 4 artists returned to the stage, when it became possible to reconcile everyone’s schedules.

They missed improvising lyrics and songs live, in what is probably the most non-sense and fun concert the audience will ever be able to attend. Improvisation is the watchword in César Mourão’s dialogues with people from the public, chosen at random, in the lyrics created at the time by Luísa Sobral and Miguel Araújo or in the part where António Zambujo sings the poetry possible, created in the time.

The idea of Desconcerto came up when the three friends, César Mourão, Miguel Araújo and António Zambujo decided to go together on vacation to the Algarve. Conversation makes conversation, guitar calls guitar, improvisation generates improvisation. Being, for a long time, fans of each other, when they found out they were creating and improvising songs together, with no intention other than having fun.

The good memories of those days made us want to share these moments of complicity with the public. So they decided to invite Luisa Sobral, who are fans and friends, to join them. The result? A magnificent disconcertion of music and good humor, created by the minute, absolutely improvised and unmissable, that will surprise them, as well as the public, and that is capable of being even better than going on vacation with these friends.

All previously purchased tickets must be exchanged by the 15th of December at the respective place of purchase, for one of the new sessions, according to room availability.

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