Designer Sandra Poulson is among the finalists for the Mullenlowe Nova Award

The student who receives the most votes will be crowned the winner of ‘YourNOVA’ for 2020. The selected works can be seen on the organization’s website and voting is open until Thursday.

For the first time, the winners will be announced at an online ceremony on the 10th of this month. The five prizes include a general winner, two runners-up, the Unilever Unstereotype Prize and the YourNOVA Prize.

Sandra Poulson‘s work is an archive of information explored through documents, artifacts, clothing, moments, headlines, oral tradition and historical data that define the socio-cultural, economic, political, ethnic and cultural landscape of Angola.

It works as an instigator of action towards progress, creating an opportunity for the individual agency to discuss its own story and, by all means, to tell it. “An Angolan Archive” is a set of about 200 pieces of information in the form of written texts, research images, clothing, voice recordings, drawings, wooden artifacts, installation, photography, performance and video works.

This project uses a selection of common household items in Angola to discuss the relationship between the family and the social memory inherited from colonial Angola and the civil war. With the aim of dismantling contemporary Angola through semiotic studies of objects as common as actors in ongoing cultural and political transformations.

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