“Deus Sabe O Que Faz”, Matay’s new single with Matias Damásio

Matay and Matias Damásio join forces and show us today “Deus Sabe O Que Faz” (“God Knows What He Does”). With lyrics and music by Matias Damásio, this song is a cry of hope that resonates in the hearts of all those who dream of a past love.

“Deus Sabe O Que Faz” is about a love that often remains invisible to the eyes and that transcends all others experienced until then, in a metaphor for life where the crooked lines represent the hope of a reunion. Matay’s emotional voice and Matias Damásio’s passionate delivery involve us in an experience that delves into the complexity of a couple’s relationship and its emotions, leading us to imagine what the outcome of this love story will be like.

The creative process behind this collaboration came about as organically as it was unexpected. Matay, after recording the theme written by Matias Damásio, invited him to sing it with him. The result was a remarkable fusion of African roots in two unique voices in perfect harmony, which promises to captivate all those who believe in the power of love and hope. The single was produced by AGIR, who brought their expertise to further elevate the power of this union.

“Deus Sabe O Que Faz” is now available on all major digital platforms.

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