DGArtes opens applications in the global value of 50 thousand euros

The applications for the Program Support Program – Simplified Procedure, in the areas of Performative Arts, Visual Arts and Disciplinary Crossings, for a global support of 50 thousand euros, opened today, announced the Directorate General of Arts (DGArtes).

The applications are open until November 23 for projects developed in the national and international territory, in the fields of national circulation, editing, training, internationalization and research, according to the same source.

The minimum support will be 400 euros and the maximum of 5,000 euros, according to the same source.

In the Performative Arts, projects can be applied in the areas of contemporary circus and street arts, dance, music and theatre; in the Visual Arts, architecture, plastic arts, design, photography and new media are contemplated, and, in Disciplinary Crossings, projects that cross two or more artistic areas.

These grants do not include projects submitted by private or public private-sector foundations, which have other types of continuing funding, provided by the cultural budget program, as well as associations composed exclusively of public entities and public-sector companies.

“Beneficiaries of sustained support and beneficiaries of two or more support for projects under simplified procedures” can not be applied for this year either.

The projects contemplated must be presented to the public between December 1 and March 30 of next year.

The application conditions are available at

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