DGE launches online platform to promote long-distance learning

At a time when schools nationwide have suspended classroom teaching activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Directorate-General for Education (DGE), in collaboration with the National Agency for Qualification and Vocational Education (ANQEP), provided an online platform with a set of resources to support schools in the use of distance learning methodologies.

DGE considers that, in a first phase, all schools should maintain daily contact with students and initiate a dynamic in which, gradually, they will be able to introduce more complex processes and tools for interaction.

It is also essential that simple ways are developed so as not to lose contact with students, particularly those who do not yet have access to the Internet or equipment.

The entities underline that a support team for the other teachers must be created in each school, because the work of these professionals will also be done at a distance and there may be some people less experienced in this type of teaching. Simultaneously, in this domain, DGE will provide a course on distance learning methodologies.

It is suggested that more technologically advanced schools share their practices and support others that are in greater difficulty.

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