DHL Express launches customs portal to streamline international shipments

DHL Express, the leader in international express delivery, has just launched a new online portal to facilitate customs procedures for e-commerce customers. The new platform aims to accelerate the flow of orders outside the European Union and facilitate their customs clearance processes, it read the press release PortugaliNews had access.

Available 24 hours a day, DHL Express’s new Customs Portal allows customers to directly manage information related to customs clearance. With this commitment, DHL Express increases speed and simplifies the customs clearance process, which is now more automated and continuously monitored by the user.

“DHL Express deals with millions of customs declarations per day and, through the local services we offer our customers, we are one of the largest customs brokers in the world. Our role is to ensure that customs documentation is always accurate and, at the same time, that the procedures take place quickly. The launch of the Customs Portal aims precisely to streamline and bureaucratize the processing of the shipments, allowing our clients to act directly, and if necessary, in the management of the dispatch, according to their availability. At the same time, our Customer Support teams can dedicate themselves to higher added value tasks for customers. ”

Due to its local experience and global scale, DHL Express has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with customs issues around the world. Through a team of more than 4,100 customs experts, DHL Express ensures compliance with codes of conduct throughout the network and the speed of international express delivery services.

DHL Express offers a wide range of customs services, including import and export clearance and high value goods, pre-shipment authorization, preparation of customs documents, storage related to customs matters, delivery to the broker/dispatcher , post-clearance modification, support for customs duties, support in the classification of content, transit of retained goods and extension of payment of customs duties.

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