Diana Castro edits “se queres voar”, second single from her debut album

"princípio, meio e princípio" - and both available Friday

Diana Castro’s debut album, “principio, meio e principio“, will be released this Friday, along with the second single, titled“se queres voar”.

In this presentation single, Diana sings about the feeling of freeing someone, of letting go, supported by an instrumental that invokes the sound of western films. if you want to fly it grows in your ears, giving us the feeling that you are on a car trip at the end of the afternoon singing at the top of your lungs.

Diana Castro’s debut album, “princípio, meio e princípio”, is inspired by the Japanese concept jo-ha-kyū, which defines the idea that everything starts with a motto, which kicks off, followed by a deepening of ideas and, finally, by triggering a transformative result. This record “is a beginning where the path is already long and, perhaps for that reason, it was motivated by the Japanese concept jo-ha-kyū”, explains Diana.

After, in 2022, having presented Ginger Ale (music by Joana Espadinha) at the RTP da Canção Festival and having been invited to accompany Maro to Eurovision, Diana Castro edited Someone has to leave, the first single from beginning, middle and beginning. This Friday, January 27th, she edits the presentation single and her debut album, which she will present at Capitólio on March 10th.

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