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Digital cetacean information platform created

Cabo Verde now has an online platform that allows it to collect and share information on cetaceans.

The platform was launched, on March 8th, an initiative for the National Network of Dolphins and Whales of Cabo Verde, constituted by the Cabo Verde Association of Ecotourism (ECOCV), University of Cabo Verde (Uni-CV) and the National Directorate of Environment (DNA).

The idea came up in February last year, in Praia, during a workshop on “Development of the National Network for the Conservation and Participatory Monitoring of Cetaceans in Cabo Verde”, to promote a “participatory monitoring” of sightings and throwing of cetaceans in Cabo Verde.

This participatory monitoring system covers the entire archipelago and will provide crucial information to determine any changes in Cabo Verde’s cetacean populations and to protect their habitat”, says an introductory note on the page.

source: Inforpress
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