Dino D’Santiago was the most awarded in the first edition of Play

The singer Dino D’Santiago was the most awarded in the first edition of the Play – Prizes of Portuguese Music, winning three of the 12 categories, including Best Solo Artist and Best Album.

Dino D’Santiago climbed three times on stage at the Coliseum in Lisbon to receive the awards for Best Solo Artist, Best Album (‘Mundo Nôbu’) and Prize of Critics, the latter attributed by a panel of about a dozen of Portuguese music critics.

The night at the Coliseum in Lisbon was a celebration of Portuguese music, which has millions of views on YouTube that was created when many of the nominees were not yet born.

In a ceremony presented by Filomena Cautela and Inês Lopes Gonçalves, and broadcast live on RTP 1, the winners of each category were presented by singers including Sónia Tavares and Ana Bacalhau, actresses such as Oceana Basílio and Isabel Valadeiro, writers such as José Luís Peixoto, youtubers and even politicians, such as Lisbon City Councilor Catarina Vaz Pinto, Cape Verdean Culture Minister Abraão Vicente, and the Portuguese Minister of Culture, Graça Fonseca, who presented the Prize Career.

This award was attributed to the fado singer Carlos do Carmo, thus acknowledging the “career and name whose history is the history of Portuguese music of the last 50 years,” said Graca Fonseca.

Carlos do Carmo was not able to be present on the stage of the Coliseum because, according to one of the fadista’s sons, “he took to the letter the expression ‘break a leg’. a leg, in Portuguese, used to wish someone good luck]. ”

In addition to the prize, Carlos do Carmo was honored on the stage of the Coliseum with the interpretation of the theme ‘No Teu Poema’, by José Luís Tinoco and by himself celebrated, in the voice of the fadista Ricardo Ribeiro.

The singer Blaya was the most nominated of the night, in three categories, and ended up not winning any prize. In addition, she was the only one of the four nominees for Best Song who did not step on stage to perform, although for those who followed the ceremony on television it seemed that yes, since the performance had been recorded previously.

The ceremony included performances by the other nominees for Best Song, a prize awarded by the public, which in addition to Blaya were Wet Bed Gang, Tombs with Raquel Tavares and ProfJam.

The winner of this category was ‘Estradas no Céu’, of Valas with Raquel Tavares.

The speeches were short and with thanks to family, friends, road, and workmates.

Conan Osiris thanked the public for accepting it and left an appeal: “Accept all as you have accepted me.”

Angolan Matias Damásio, the winner of the Lusofonia Prize, dedicated the distinction “to all the friends of Lusofonia de Moçambique, who are going through a very delicate situation”.

The ceremony also included performances by Amor Electro, Virgul, Jorge Palma and Sérgio Godinho and Expensive Soul.

The Play is an initiative of the association PassMúsica, which represents artists, bands and record companies, in partnership with RTP and Vodafone, and intends to award “the best music consumed in Portugal”, as Paulo Carvalho, one of the prizewinners, in a presentation to journalists in early March.

The Play awards return in 2020.

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