Dino Lourinhã Park wins Five Star Region Awards 2019

Dino Parque da Lourinhã was awarded the Five Stars Region Awards 2019, in the category “Theme Parks” of the district of Lisbon. With this award, Lourinhã’s Dino Park, Europe’s biggest theme park in the area, affirms its success and recognizes the excellence of the service provided to all visitors. The Five Star Regions Award, formerly known as Portugal Five Stars, is a prize awarded based on an evaluation system that measures the degree of satisfaction that products, services or brands give their clients. For this purpose, it uses the most complete and rigorous methodology of the market, having as evaluation criteria the main variables that influence the decision to buy the consumers.

Dino Parque da Lourinhã integrates a restricted group of brands that stand out for excellence and a high level of global consumer satisfaction in a universe of 438 products evaluated. The Prize awarded to the Park of Dinosaurs also highlights the contribution of the same in promoting the region where it is inserted, Lourinhã.

Luís Rocha, Director General of Dino Parque, states that: “This Award demonstrates the recognition of the work we have been doing throughout this first year of life. Thus, the professionalism and dedication of the collaborators who do everything to make the experience of the visitors unforgettable. ”

This is the largest theme park in Europe. It has 180 full-scale models, providing a true journey of millions of years through four distinct routes: Paleozoic, Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. Recently inaugurated, a new trail dedicated to the Marine Monsters, integrating another 30 species in the Park. In addition to these routes, a Museological nucleus can be visited with a collection of the Museum of Lourinhã, where you can learn about the dinosaur finds coming from the region and a laboratory that allows visitors to observe the preparation of fossils.

As of April this year, Dino Parque has received more than 400,000 visitors.

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