Dino Parque da Lourinhã reaches 500 000 visitors

The Dino Park – Dinosaur Park of Lourinhã, opened on February 8, 2018, reached this month of August to 500 000 visitors. Of this half million visits, around 120,000 came from schools across the country, confirming the Park’s high pedagogical value.

Considered to be Europe’s largest theme park in area and pathways, it features 180 full-scale models providing true paleontological experience and learning for over 400 million years. This kind of experience puts Dino Parque on the map of school study tours around the country, offering a true insight into the lives of countless fantastic animals to this day. To date, the theme park has received around 120,000 students of various ages from all over Portugal.

Luís Rocha, Director General of Dino Parque, states that: “This number of visitors, translated into study visits, demonstrates the recognition of the work we have been doing in the pedagogical area of ​​the Park. This shows the professionalism and dedication of the staff who do their utmost to make the experience of all these students unforgettable. ”

Questions such as “What dinosaurs lived in every period of Earth’s history?”; “What did they feed on and how did they cohabit?” Are answered in a fun way while understanding the history and evolution of our Planet. This kind of pedagogy is the philosophy that Park officials believe, where everyone can learn, from kids to adults, in a playful and instructive way.

The half-million visitors that Dino Parque has received since its opening is reflected in a very significant increase in visitor numbers to the West. This number had a direct economic impact on the region, estimated at 25 million euros, contributing not only to the local economy but also to the development of several areas related to the tourism sector in Lourinhã.

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