Diogo Abreu and Diogo Ganchinho in the springboard World Cup semi-finals

The Portuguese gymnasts Diogo Abreu and Diogo Ganchinho today guaranteed their presence in the semi-final of the individual springboard competition at the World Championships in Tokyo.

Among 98 gymnasts, Diogo Abreu finished in 13th place with 110,655 points, while Diogo Ganchinho was 19th with 110,205 points.

Outside the semi-final, which will dictate the qualification of the eight finalists and Olympic qualification, were Pedro Ferreira, who was 86th (75,595) and Ricardo Santos, 89th (69,380).

In the women’s competition, Sílvia Saiote was the best Portuguese, finishing 33rd (98,715), but missed out on the semi-final, as Beatriz Martins, 34th with 98,710 points, and Mariana Carvalho, 76th ( 52,560).

In the double minitrampolim, Tiago Romão secured a place in the final, finishing seventh in qualifying.

With 43 gymnasts in competition, João Caeiro, Diogo Costa and Diogo Cabral were out of the final competition, finishing the 10th, 15th and 27th respectively.

Tiago Romão, Joao Caeiro, Diogo Costa and Diogo Cabral qualified for the team final in the double minitramp by taking fourth place out of nine teams.

In the women’s mini-trampoline, Diana Gago and Inês Martins were out of the final when they finished in the 20th and 23rd positions, respectively.

Maria Isabel Barba, the first Portuguese woman to compete in the Ariake Gymnastics Center, which will host gymnastics competitions at the Tokyo2020 Olympics, missed the tumbling final as she finished 27th in 33 gymnasts.

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