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Diogo Costa Amarante premieres film at the Berlin Festival

Diogo Costa Amarante will again have a work in competition at the Berlin festival, four years after receiving the Golden Bear for best short film for ‘Cidade Pequena’, in 2017.

This time, he competes for the maximum prize of the ‘Berlinale’ with “Luz de Presença”, new editing and new creative process from the film ‘O verde do jardim’, which he presented in 2019, at the Curtas Festival of Vila do Conde.

Despite the changes, the central focus of the story is there: the meeting between Diana, a transsexual, and an injured motorcyclist, in an urban landscape of the city of Porto, where the director Diogo Costa Amarante moved a few years ago.

It was in this neighborhood that the director met Diana Neves Silva, after crossing every night with her, looking for a safe place to park the motorcycle. It was thinking about her, months later, that he decided to make a film.

‘Luz de Presença’ is a fiction and records the fortuitous encounter and the friendship link between Diana and the character Gonçalo, who has a motorcycle accident and a heartbreak of love. In addition to Diana Neves Silva, João Castro, Gustavo Sumpta and, in a brief participation, Luís Miguel Cintra.

The film is being shown online this week to industry professionals and the specialized press, in what is the first stage of the Berlin film festival, this year conditioned by the pandemic of the covid-19. The second part of the festival, of sessions of the official program with the public and prize giving, was rescheduled for June.

Diogo Costa Amarante will have the film in competition in Berlin at a time when he has a PhD in Contemporary Art and a feature film project, with the provisional title ‘Safe only’ and whose production was interrupted by covid-19.

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