Diogo Jota and Francisco Cruz look for a place in the Eleven Sports’ #Jogamosemcasa Cup final

Today, the semi-finals and finals of the #JOGAMOSEMCASA CUP are played, which for 3 days brought together 16 players who, at the invitation of ELEVEN SPORTS, participated in this solidary tournament in favor of UNICEF Portugal, with the aim of fighting COVID-19.

Diogo Jota, a Wolverhampton player and winner of the ePremier League Invitational, and Francisco Cruz, Sporting CP eSports Team Manager and former FIFA Interactive World Cup world champion, are among the 4 players who will play in the semi-finals and seek to guarantee a place in the final.

#JOGAMOSEMCASA CUP brought together, for 3 days, 16 players who accepted the invitation from ELEVEN SPORTS, to participate in a solidarity tournament in favor of UNICEF Portugal, with the aim of raising funds to fight COVID-19.

In the qualifiers of May 1 and 2 the comments, with a lot of animation and humor, by Nuno Markl and Fernando Alvim followed the games where André Silva, João Sousa, Pedro Fernandes, António Raminhos, Frederico Pombares, Rodrigo Gomes, Luís Franco were eliminated Bastos, Guilherme Duarte, Guilherme Cabral, RicFazeres, MissMushrooms, and Rad Weasel.

The semi-finals are played today and two great games are expected: Diogo Jota x Pedro Tim 23 (8:00 pm) and Francisco Cruz x José “Runrun” Soares (8:30 pm). The final will take place at 9 pm. The games will be commented by Diogo Batáguas.

José “Runrun” Soares and PedroTim23 will face two major eSports references:

Diogo Jota, Portuguese international at Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, won the ePremier League Invitational last month and was the representative of the National Virtual Football Team at the FIFA eNations StayandPlay Cup.

Francisco Cruz, Sporting CP eSports Team Manager was FIFA Interactive World Cup world champion in 2011, having been the first time that Portugal collected one of the most coveted trophies in the world.

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