Diogo Morgado’s film arrives on May 1st.

‘Solum’ was filmed on the island of Flores, in the Azores,

The film ‘Solum’, a Portuguese thriller directed by Diogo Morgado and his brother, Pedro, hits theatres on May 1.

Big Picture Films has already unveiled the trailer for the story of eight people who, by participating in an apparent reality show, are left on an uninhabited island where they have to withstand in an isolated and inhospitable environment with only what is strictly necessary to their survival. The last to give up, wins the contest.

The film was recorded on the island of Flores, in the Azores, and Diogo Morgado, besides being a director, is also a protagonist. ‘Solum’ also features actors Darwin Shaw, Gonzalo Ramos, Francisco Froes and Catarina Mira.

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