Diogo Piçarra and Nenny together in “#TodosFazemADiferença”

The never-before-seen theme signed by the two artists sets the tone for Staples’ Back to School 2022 campaign

“#TodosFazemADiferença” brings together for the first time two of the most relevant artists of the new generation of Portuguese music, Diogo Piçarra and Nenny. The unreleased song has composition and authorship by the two, in partnership with CharlieBeats in the composition and production and with Jesus da Costa in the composition and lyrics.

The theme was born out of a challenge launched by Staples for this year’s Back to School campaign, which the artists immediately embraced.

The goal was to create music that would set the tone for launching a current of acceptance of difference and respect for the choices of others.

Back to School is a long-awaited moment for all children and young people.
On the one hand, it is the joy of meeting friends, new opportunities to learn, new challenges, the smell of new books, and the enthusiasm of a blank sheet of notebook paper. But on the other hand, going back to school can also mean returning to a space of criticism and judgment that generates a lot of anxiety and fear of facing the new year.

The school is from an early age a place conducive to the formation of groups and the placement of labels. Children and young people are, therefore, arranged in “boxes”, based on their way of dressing, skin color, tastes or hobbies, sports played, etc.

The search for validation from others is, at this age, stronger than ever. This validation, is often based on prejudices rooted in the school community and society in general.
Then comes the fear of leaving the norm, of doing things differently, of taking on tastes that are not called “normal” – there is the frustration of not being able to be who they really are, and the inner struggle to make the constant effort to meet what they really are. is expected by others.

Due to the importance, it has in Back to School, Staples believes it also has a role in the education of children and young people. This being the biggest campaign of the year, and the moment when the brand speaks directly to the school community, it has taken the opportunity in recent years to use the amplification of the campaign to give voice to situations that are not always addressed in an open and transparent way, for children, parents, teachers, and schools.

These are issues that can become social causes if people listen, respect, and look at each other in a more comprehensive and inclusive way. And we all have a role to play. We all make a difference.

Diogo Piçarra and Nenny immediately reviewed the theme and message that the campaign intended to convey, both felt different and misfits at times in their lives. They then got together to write a song that could convey this message, they arrived at “#TodosFazemADiferença”, which celebrates the communion of different tastes, skin colors or physical traits that distinguish us, different ways of thinking, and all the other characteristics that make us different and special.

The campaign is launched today and, in addition to the music, it also features a video clip that portrays the message of acceptance of difference in the school setting, with the presence of children and a performing artist. In addition to Diogo Piçarra and Nenny, we can also see some faces that are well known to everyone, who joins the campaign to help convey the important message that we can all really make a difference.

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