Diogo Piçarra lança “Saída de Emergência”

Diogo Piçarra is back with a long-awaited original, entitled “Emergency Exit”. On this song, Diogo Piçarra worked with English producer Tom Martin, who has produced productions for famous artists such as Martin Garrix, David Guetta, and Tiësto.

“Saída de Emergência” is an emotional song, in which Diogo Piçarra masterfully interprets the vulnerability he feels in the face of the vertigo of the end. “If one day I stop being who you love the most, I stop being everything I am, if I’m not the first one you call, then you don’t love what I am, I don’t see the emergency exit”, sings Diogo Piçarra, carrying in his voice the emotional weight of the possibility of a broken heart. The music video for “Saída de Emergência” was directed by Cláudia Batalhão and recorded at IDB – Innovation and Design Building in Lisbon.

The author, singer, and mentor of “The Voice” is undeniably one of the most outstanding voices in the Portuguese music scene, and “Saída de Emergência” only reinforces his status. Diogo Piçarra’s success goes beyond borders, having made a European tour in 2022, with sold-out concerts in London, Paris, and Luxembourg. Furthermore, in countries such as Angola, Mozambique, and Malawi, the remixes of his latest single “Sorriso” have been at the top of Apple Music for weeks.

It was also at the end of last year that he debuted in front of a sold-out Altice Arena. A historic concert, which featured special guests such as Carolina Deslandes, Bispo, and the Spaniard Antonio José. Over the past year, Diogo Piçarra has written new songs performed by artists such as Marco Rodrigues (“Amar Para Sofrer”) or Luís Trigacheiro (“Eu Pedi-te a Mão na Escola”), in addition to having collaborated with Anjos on the classic “ Natal Santo”, having also written the adaptation of the theme to Portuguese. At an international level, Diogo Piçarra co-wrote and produced “Sin Tu Amor”, a song from the Mexican Netflix series “Madre Solo Hay Dos” performed by Sabela.

“Saída de Emergência” is Diogo Piçarra’s first single to inaugurate 2023, followed by “Sorriso”, which is already a gold single, released in 2022. The song promises to become another classic in the repertoire of one of the greatest contemporary Portuguese musicians and will be part of his next album of originals.

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