Pop Disco by Filipe Karlsson rocks Lisbon


Filipe Karlsson, fills the Lisbon room, a well-disposed night, with lots of Disco Pop, and fans who delirious with each song, singing and dancing, to the rhythms of “Teorias do Bem Estar“, “Modestia à Parte” and “Mãos Atadas“.

The Portuguese-Swedish artist debuted in the editions in the middle of the pandemic, with “Teorias do Bem Estar“, still in 2020 he edited more songs with “Modéstia à Parte“. Themes like “Razão” or “A Paragem” did not take long to become hits.

Filipe Karlsson > Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 20220603

Filipe Karlsson, was performing at Altice Arena, Teatro Maria Matos, Casa da Música, and now Hard Club, always for a growing number of fans, as happened in this last concert at Capitólio in Lisbon.

Music always rhythmic, positive and with a lot of good vibes, Karlsson released in May 2022 his brand new work “Mãos Atadas“, after the presentation single “Madrugada“.

The Capitólio had another fantastic night, with good music and a fantastic atmosphere.


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