Disney+ introduces new GroupWatch feature

As of today, Disney+ will have a new functionality of joint visualization that allows families and friends to see all the content of the service together, even if they are separated.

GroupWatch allows up to seven people to watch content together, in a synchronized playback experience via mobile devices or with an internet connection and smart TVs, being able to share their reactions in real-time.

According to Jerrell B Jimerson, SVP Product Manager at Disney+: “Stories come to life when there is a possibility to share and enjoy them with others, and at a time when many are still separated from their friends and family, GroupWatch offers a way to connect virtually and securely through the joint viewing of your favorite Disney + stories, with your favorite people, from the comfort of your living room”.

GroupWatch is available through the icon in the “Details” area on each film and series in the extensive Disney+ content library. The subscriber will be able to invite up to 6 people, creating a message through a link, defining the recipients and sending it with their mobile device or web, through their own messaging tools. Guests can then join GroupWatch by clicking on the invitation link, provided they are Disney+ subscribers.

GroupWatch‘s synchronized playback allows each participant to pause viewing, restart playback, go back to review a favorite scene or fast forward for the entire group.

While watching the content, viewers can react in real time with six different emojis: “I like”, “Funny”, “Sad”, “Angry”, “Scared” and “Surprised” through the Disney+ application.

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