‘Diz-me Que Sim’ by Rúdi Sousa now available on digital platforms

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After a few years of absence from the music scene, Rúdi Sousa’s return is made to the sound of the single ‘Diz-me Que Sim’ already available on all digital platforms.

“I think it is a topic where I can show a little more of myself, I feel more power, without a doubt I am very satisfied with the final result”, Rúdi Sousa confesses to us.

The artist’s absence made this return to music come with a new musical identity. The culprits of this “musical revolution” by Rúdi Sousa were Syro (in composition) and Filipe Survival (in production), in the words of the singer “first I spoke with Filipe, I know his work, and the opportunity arose, we set a session to record, he suggested talking to Syro to help with the lyrics, I was immediately excited about the idea, and of course it was great to be able to work with both.”

And can we say that ‘Diz-me Que Sim’ is an autobiographical theme? Rúdi Sousa tells us that “no, in the composition of the lyrics, a story was conceived in which it has nothing to do with moments spent in my life.”

But ‘Tell me that Yes’ will be an isolated case this year? Or can we wait for more news? Rúdi Sousa tells us that “you can expect a lot of work and dedication, yes I want to release more singles, and of course the album at last. It is a dream that I really want to realize, and it is very close to happening“.

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