Djavan will perform in Portugal next year and present ‘Vesuvius’

Brazilian musician Djavan will perform in Portugal next November to present his new album, Vesuvio, the 24th of his career, released three weeks ago.

Djavan, accompanied by a new band, has shows scheduled at Casino Estoril, in the vicinity and Lisbon, on November 6, at the Campo Pequeno multi-purpose stadium in Lisbon, on 08, and the next day at the Coliseu do Porto, announced today its promoter.

In addition to the songs from the new album, edited by Luanda Records, such as’ Solitude ‘,’ Early or Late ‘and’ Vesuvius’, Djavan includes some of his hits, namely ‘Se’, ‘Flower of Fear’, ‘I Devoro ‘and’ Samurai ‘, among others.

About the new album, the musician says: “I’m always looking for new motivations and, for me, it seemed an immense challenge to make pop music at this moment, which I usually invest in my records in diversification.”

“I wanted to make a pop album by the time we are living, foggy, with so much uncertainty in the country and in the world. I wanted my music message to arrive more easily, more fluidly and crystal clear,” he adds.

Djavan’s new band includes some musicians he has worked with, such as guitarist Torcuato Mariano and pianists Paulo Calasans and Renato Fonseca, and two new musicians, bassist Arthur de Palla, and drummer Felipe Alves.

“There’s an even more pop-up ‘swinging’ for this new song crop,” he said.

Djavan musically directs the show, which has scenarios by Suzane Queiroz. The light project is Binho Schaefer and, the costumes, by Roberta Stamato.

In 2016, Djavan said: “Whenever I am close to coming to Portugal I am immensely happy as if I were close to returning home, to relatives, loved ones. It is the fatherland of Brazil, not only because of the history but because we came here with the sense of coming to our parents’ house, to the home of people who created us, who gave us life. smell, architecture, vegetation, people, the receptivity of our work, all this enchants us, all this calls us back. ”

Four decades of music, Djavan affirmed, on the occasion, “with the same dedication and dedication” as always.

“What I know is that I had a lot of fun today, I continue to enjoy myself and I continue with the same impetuosity as always, which is what keeps me alive, in the sense of wanting to do things, continue composing, This is my craft, which I embraced with so much love. Although I have other interests, such as architecture, botany, [interests] for life in general, I am of music. I wake up every day thanking God for having such a great love for life, and this is very due to my craft, “said the born singer.

Djavan, born in Maceió, in the state of Alagoas, turns 70 next January, and the ‘Vesuvio’ tour opens in March in the city of Santos, in the state of São Paulo.

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