DocLisboa dedicates retrospectives to East German cinema and Saab

The DocLisboa International Film Festival will dedicate retrospectives to East German cinema and the work of the Lebanese filmmaker Jocelyne Saab, in the 17th edition of the initiative, which takes place in October in various venues in Lisbon.

In the year celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, DocLisboa marks the anniversary with the retrospective “Ascension and Fall of the Wall – The Cinema of East Germany,” according to a statement released today.

“This retrospective aims to showcase the abundance of forms and themes in East German film productions […]: propaganda and forbidden films, short and long fictions and documentaries by several generations of filmmakers” by Konrad Wolf , Gerhard Lamprecht and Karl Gass to Winfried Junge and Gerhard Klein, including Jürgen Böttcher, Volker Koepp, Iris Gusner, Andreas Voigt, Helke Misselwitz and Thomas Heise.

The state film studio DEFA (Deutsche Film Aktiengesellschaft) was founded in 1946, just after World War II, and operated until 1991.

The films included in the retrospective “portray the German people – sometimes accompanying them over the years – to live in a wounded country in a wounded territory.”

“Reconstruction, youth, women, work, daily life, the music scene, and the artistic life and the city of Berlin are some of the recurring topics in these films that are used in various cinematographic languages,” says the organization, noting that seeing these films ” means not only unearthing the past but also rethinking the present. ”

The 17th edition of DocLisboa, which runs from October 17-27, includes a retrospective dedicated to the work of Lebanese filmmaker, photographer, journalist, intellectual and feminist Jocelyne Saab, who died this year.

The organization of the festival recalls that the cinema of Jocelyne Saab, “made of documentaries, reports, fiction films, has as its starting point the city of Beirut and then crosses the Middle East, the Mediterranean and different artistic expressions, with an intense look and at the same time merrily surrealistic. ”

The retrospectives of the 17th edition of DocLisboa are anticipated already on July 26, in an open air session at the Cinemateca Portuguesa, at 10:30 pm, with the exhibition “Paule in Concert” by Lew Hohmann and “De Beyrouth”, by Jocelyne Saab.

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